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Three Reasons Music Lessons Are More Important Than Ever

Young woman playing a keyboard at her home

Here at the Academy, we have always believed that by teaching kids music we are giving them valuable skills that will last them a lifetime. Now, in the middle of this unprecedented time, I'd like to share with you three reasons why I believe music lessons are more important for you child than ever before.

1. Practicing An Instrument Provides Creative Focus and Emotional Release

Currently, students are unexpectedly home from school without their regular assignments. Practicing their instrument gives your child a positive way to fill their time. Playing music is a challenging, absorbing pastime. It can allow children to forget the stress and uncertainty for a little while, and focus on making something creative and special.

Music also provides an opportunity for children to express their emotions in a healthy way, and to experience the calming, stress-reducing results of playing music. (It'll also help keep their brains healthy & active, as you can see in this TED Ed video here.)

2. Music Lessons Maintains a Familiar Routine

In virtually every article on caring for children during times of crisis, experts emphasize the importance of keeping a child’s normal routine as much as possible, or building new routines. The familiarity and predictability of routines help children to feel more secure in uncertain times.

Music lessons have been a consistent part of your child’s life, and we at the Academy will continue to be there for your child through our streaming lessons, at the same time they’ve always had their lessons!

3. Music Lessons Helps Keep a Child’s Social Support Network in Place

Music lessons have always been a wonderful place where your child has the undivided attention of a caring adult, every single week. We, as teachers, often hear a lot about what’s going on in their lives, what they’re happy about or that thing that happened at school that bummed them out. Now that we are all practicing social distancing and avoiding going out and meeting other people, that social connectivity with others online is so important for maintaining mental health. Through virtual lessons, your child gets to stay connected with one of the adults who cares for them and has been there for them.

These are just a few of the reasons music lessons can help your child's mental health and well-being through the challenges of a global health crisis.

We're so happy to have you and your student here at the Academy, and we'll look forward to seeing you online very soon!


If you're curious about the health benefits of music, you can follow these links for more! If you have questions for us, or are interested in starting lessons, please call us at 319-377-3343.

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