Welcome to the 2020

Composers' House Cup!

We're so glad to have you participating in this year's House Cup competition!


This year, the winning House will be the one with the most points per participating student! That means that even if your House has fewer students earning points, you still have a chance to win!

For the first time ever, we'll also be giving prizes to the highest point earner in each House!

Download worksheets here, watch for them on our social media, or pick them up at the front entrance to the Academy!
You can return sheets & slips to the Academy, or email us a pic at MusicAcademyHouseCup@gmail.com .

You can also click on the buttons below to tell us about books you read, performances you see, and practice weeks you complete!

Weekly Worksheets

House Cup Worksheets.png

Composer Excerpts


Click on your preferred clef below to download a short music excerpt you can play for House Cup points! Then you can share a video of your performance with us on social media, or tell us about it here.

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