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Teacher Spotlight: Aura Strohschein

Each month we highlight one of our excellent faculty members here at the Academy. This month, we'd like to share more about one of our newest teachers, Aura Strohschein!

What instrument do you teach? Piano

Where did you go to school for your music degrees? Bachelor of Music, Ball State University; Master's of Music Performance, University of Toledo; Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Iowa

What music groups do you perform with? I freelance.

What’s one musical experience you’ve had that you’ll never forget? Soloing with orchestra.I played Beethoven's 3rd piano concerto (in c minor) with orchestra (twice) in Toledo 2005.I had a short tour with Jody Nagel's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra September 2015. This is also the piece I wrote my dissertation on.

What do you enjoy about teaching music? Making new discoveries in an engaging manner.

What’s the most useful piece of musical advice anyone ever gave you? Breathe

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