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An Update From the Academy: Lessons Going Virtual!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

JANUARY 2021 UPDATE: Looking for current info about Marion Music Academy online lessons? We're now using Zoom! Check out our updated information here.

At the Marion Music Academy, the health and safety of our faculty, students, and their families are our most important priorities.

As COVID-19 continues to spread and affect many parts of the U.S., we have been closely monitoring local conditions. At this time, we have determined that it is in our best interests to temporarily move to virtual online lessons, starting on Monday, March 23 and continuing for at least the next three or four weeks. We will reevaluate the situation as we receive more information.

While your student won’t be physically in the studio with us, our team is currently working to provide you with service continuity in a new and exciting way for your children. We are using the Cisco Webex video meeting platform to enable you to attend your lesson at your normal day and time, from the comfort of your home!

Check out our Parent Live Streaming Guide here, or follow the instructions below:

1. You can attend your lesson using a computer or laptop equipped with a microphone and webcam.

2. Download the Webex Meetings app for your desktop, phone, or tablet, before attending your first lesson! You can find those links at the bottom of this post.

3. Watch your email inbox for an email with a link to your virtual lesson! Webex will call it a “meeting.”

4. When it’s time for your lesson, you can click on the link and join the meeting. (If you click before your teacher has joined the meeting, nothing will happen. Try clicking the link again in a minute or so.)

We know that part of helping children through stressful times like this is maintaining as much of their normal routine as possible and allowing them creative outlets to process their feelings and provide a healthy focus. We’re so happy to help our students and families at this time by being able to virtually provide that routine and creative outlet through music! (Plus, we can’t let those 100 Days of Practice streaks break!!!)

Our staff are rising to the challenges we are facing so we can continue to provide music education during these challenging times to the students that we care for. Although you won’t be walking through our physical doors, we are going to invite you and your young musician to walk through our digital doors after spring break!

Thank you for taking the appropriate steps with us to lessen the risk to our community as much as possible. As a small business, we greatly appreciate your support of us (and your music teacher in particular!) during these challenging times.


Downloaded the Webex Meetings app yet?

Here's where you can do that before your first lesson:

More questions? Please contact us at 319-377-3343 and we'll help you out!

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