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Parent & Student Resources

Welcome to our Resource Pages!

Here at the Academy, we believe learning music provides children and adults with skills that last a lifetime... including when we're staying home to help protect each other!

On this page, and the linked pages, we've collected a wealth of our favorite resources to help you and your student. You'll find links to music activity pages and 100 Days of Practice charts to keep students busy! There are links to health and science resources, to help you find good information when you need it. Want tips on how to talk to your children about COVID-19 and coronavirus? We have resources for that, too.

Please feel free to explore! We hope you find these resources helpful in the coming days.

100 Days of Practice

Our 100 Days of Practice Challenge is going strong, and we're upping the challenge now!

Still going strong? On track to hit 100 days by the end of May? We have a bonus challenge for you! Get $200 Music Bucks for reaching 125 consecutive days of practice, and another $200 Music Bucks for reaching 150 days by July 18!

Bored and want to join in, or start again? Great! Download the 100 Days chart and get started!

100 days of practice.jpg
100 days of practice(1).jpg

Click Above to Download!

Tune Your Violin, Viola, or Cello

Is your string instrument, or your child's string instrument, sounding a bit funny? Tuning can be a bit scary the first few times, but it's ok, you can do it!

Violas, use the tutorial videos for violin, but tune to A, D, G, & C, of course!

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