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Music Resources

Want something to add a bit of interest to your practice time this week? Just feeling like doing a music activity? Here's some of our favorites!


We'll be updating this page with even more resources soon!

A Few of our Favorite Websites

With Free Music Activity Worksheets!

Scroll down this webpage a bit for free well-designed, fun worksheets for note names in treble, bass, or viola clef! There are also free "color by note" and "color by rhythm" pages here.

Playful, colorful worksheets focusing on learning note names, intervals, rhythms, and more! They also have piano-centered worksheets for hand positions & finger numbers for younger children.

These piano-based worksheets are great for helping to reinforce note names and basic rhythms.

Wanting a deeper dive into music theory? Curious about different scales and chords, how they're made, and how they work? Toby Rush's excellent music theory comics/infographics are a great place to start! These are for the advancing musician who's ready for a mental challenge!

Live Music Performances

Few things are more inspiring for young musicians than watching other musicians play live! National Public Radio is keeping a continuously updated list of live streaming concerts, many of them free!, that you can attend from home.
Check out the NPR Virtual Concert List here!
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