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Group Classes

Pianists and young violinists, we have some exciting things planned this fall! Once per month, we'll be having special group classes just for you!

Suzuki Book 1 & 2 Group Class

Piano Masterclasses

If you're a violinist learning in Suzuki books 1 & 2, we've got a special class for just for you, with teacher Dr. Andrew Gentszch!


What can you expect at Suzuki group class? You'll get to meet young violinists just like you, get to play violin together, and get to play musical games together, all while reviewing important violin techniques and growing your musical skills!

Dr. Katie Fang teaches two different masterclasses, one for students in Primer through Level 2 piano books, and another for students in Level 3 and above!


You'll get to meet other young piano students just like you, play your music for them, and get to hear them play for you! This is a perfect low-stress environment to practice playing for others, while getting positive feedback!

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