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Where is that paycheck stub again? And the teacher Facebook group?


Need to know how to access your daily schedule? Here's how to use Jackrabbit!

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Monday Memos

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Useful Links

Need a substitute?
Check here for the list

Want to check your schedule?
Use the user ID & password given to you during your orientation meeting. Check with Melanie if you need help with your user ID or password.

Want to view your paycheck?
If you already have an Intuit account, use the same user ID & password. The first time you log in to view your Academy paycheck, you'll need to know the amount of your most recent MMA paycheck.


Conferences and Workshops

In order to en­courage our teachers to continue to develop their skills and enable them to forge & maintain professional rela­tionships, the Marion Music Academy offers finan­cial support for teachers desir­ing to attend professional confer­ences. Details are available in the teacher handbook. You can find a partial listing of relevant professional conferences & workshops here.

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How To Use Jackrabbit

Need a refresher on how to use Jackrabbit? Check out this video below.

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