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December Recitals: What Do I Do?

Want to know what be prepared for ahead of time for our music recitals? Here's what you want to know!


We will be hosting four virtual recitals on December 5, and we've just added a new virtual recital on December 12, for anyone who was signed up for in-person recitals who would rather switch to virtual. (The Sign-up Genius link for that is here.)

Here's how to prepare for your virtual recital:

  • Make sure you've updated to the most current version of Webex ahead of time!

  • Test your setup before: can the camera see you? Can you see your music?

  • If you're using an accompaniment track, make sure you have a separate device for that, and that you know where it will be when you play!

  • Dress code for the recitals is Sunday best: a nice top or collared shirt. Please avoid shirts with holes, logos, or stains.

  • You can log in to the recital five minutes before it's scheduled to begin. Check and make sure you have your music and instrument all ready to go!

  • The host will do a roll call for the students and do any announcements at the beginning of the recital. They will then announce your child’s name and instrument when it's their turn to perform!

  • The student will introduce themselves and announce the piece they are performing before they play. An example of this is, “My name is Paige, and I will be playing ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer."

  • When they are performing, all other participants will be muted. Please use the chat to send positive encouragement or emojis for the students throughout the recital!


After sending a questionnaire out to participating families, the majority of the families who responded preferred to attend in-person recitals. We are therefore keeping all five of the currently-scheduled recitals at the original planned times.

Here's how to prepare for your in-person recital!

  • Arrive at the church 15 minutes before the start of the recital.

  • Dress code suggestions: performers can wear dress slacks, a nice shirt or blouse, a skirt, or a nice dress. For pianists, the ‘right’ shoes are crucial for control when the damper pedal is in use. Flat, thin-soled shoes tend to work the best. It would be best if you could avoid tennis shoes and blue jeans. Thanks!

  • Westminster Presbyterian Church requires everyone in the building to wear a mask. (Over your nose, too, of course!)

  • To reduce the number of people in the auditorium, we're asking that only immediate family members attend. Two audience members per student is ideal. (If siblings need to come, though, we understand.)

  • Please sit in your family group, with a minimum of six feet distance between your group and the next family group. Westminster has plenty of room, so feel free to spread out throughout the auditorium!

  • Students will sit with their family both before and after performing.

  • The recital emcee will announce each student's name when it's their turn to come up to perform.

  • Students should announce the name of the piece or pieces they are performing before they play. “My name is Paige, and I will be playing ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer."

We hope these suggestions help you prepare for your recital! We can't wait to hear you perform!

For more information or to sign up for lessons you can contact Marion Music Academy at 319-377-3343, or click here to sign up for a free trial lesson.

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