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Teacher Spotlight: Brian "Taz" Grant

From time to time, we like to spotlight one of our amazing faculty members! This month, we want to share more about our newest guitar instructor, Brian Grant! Take it away, Brian!

What instruments do you teach? Guitar, bass guitar and improvisation to some piano students Where did you go to school for your music degree? Drake University Who was one of your favorite music teachers growing up? Why did you enjoy studying with them?

Mike Fierson. I was a sophomore in high school when my band director sent me to a junior college to take lessons. I enjoyed Mike because he pushed me to develop advanced skills and held me accountable.

What’s one musical experience you’ve had that you’ll never forget? I scored, performed and conducted an original ballet I had written for children that had one hundred children dancing while 1200 children filled the seats of the Hoyt Sherman Theater in Des Moines IA.

When you listen to music for fun, what kind of music do you listen to? Smooth jazz, gospel and older R&B What do you enjoy about teaching music?

I enjoy helping my students grow to accomplish their own personal goals on guitar while keeping it fun.

If you could turn into an animal, what animal would you turn into? Lion

Do you have a favorite book? The Bible

What’s your favorite musician joke? How do you get a guitarist to play softer? Put a piece of sheet music in front of him.

For more information or to sign up for lessons you can contact Marion Music Academy at 319-377-3343, or click here to sign up for a free trial lesson.

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