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STAR Dancers

Enroll in multiple classes at a discount with the STAR program and become a better dancer faster!

Skills Taught at an Accelerated Rate, or STAR, is our new dance program for students who love to dance, and can’t get enough of the stage! 

The STAR program makes becoming a great dancer easy and fun by offering two or more weekly classes at a discount. Each student also receives special awards, an end of the year party, and opportunities for more stage time.  Star dancers have exclusive opportunity to sign up for Solos, Duets or Trios at the year end recital. 


STAR Program Tuition Discounts

60 Min. Class: $47 per month
2nd 60 Min. Class: $42.30 per month (10% discount!)
3rd 60 Min. Class: $39.95 per month (15% discount!)

45 Min. Class: $42 per month
2nd 45 Min. Class: $37.80 per month (10% discount!)
3rd 45 Min. Class: $35.70 per month (15% discount!) 

30 Min. Class: $37 per month
2nd 30 Min. Class: $33.30 per month (10% discount!)
3rd 30 Min. Class: $31.45 per month (15% discount!)

Ages 3-6: 

Take two weekly classes of your choice.

Receives special award, tshirt, and end of the year party!


Ages 7&Up: 

Take three or more weekly classes of your choice (ballet required, Starz! Classes recommended).

Receives special award, tshirt, end of the year party, and access to our STAR bonus classes free of charge* including Performance & Tricks, Leaps and Turns, and Stretch and Condition.

*Must pre-register for Star classes, allowed one at a given time, can transfer throughout the year if space available.

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